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Evolve Provides the Tools You Need:


Month-long Masterclasses by renowned spiritual teachers of A Course in Miracles, nonduality, ancient wisdom, philosophy and body/mind teachers of our time


Weekly practices designed to help you embody what you are learning



Membership of an international community devoted to awakening, supporting each other in truth, and growing in understanding the nature of our inherent oneness

Month-Long Masterclasses


Enlightenment Made Easy

Lisa Natoli


Remember I Am

Aaron Abke


God Is and There is NOTHING ELSE

Oliver & Yaulanda Blue


How to Awaken Awareness Quickly & Easily

Jonathan Robinson


Evolving from "Me" to "We" Consciousness

Miranda Macpherson


Trusting the Voice of Love

Tama Kieves


Bringing the Power of Awareness Fully into our Lives



Tapping into Pure Presence

Christina Courtney


I Give Myself Permission to.....

Karen Drucker


The Awakening Body

Ellen Emmet


Miraculous Family Healing

Jennifer Hadley


Soul Nectar . . . Let LOVE ~ Love You

Mary Lenihan


June 2021: Tama Kieves 


Trusting the Voice of Love

Week One: A Life of Listening Only to Love

Week Two: Trusting the Voice of Love in Relationship
Week Three: Trusting the Voice of Love in Work, Creativity, Health and More…
Week Four: A Devotion to Your Inner Teacher

Tama Kieves

Tama Kieves, a graduate of Harvard Law School, left her law practice to write and to help others unlock their own extraordinary faculties. She is the bestselling author of This Time I Dance! – Creating the Work You Love, Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work!, A Year without Fear: 365 Days of Magnificence, and Thriving through Uncertainty. Featured in USA TODAY, as well as on ABC News, Oprah Radio, and other national media, she is a sought-after speaker and visionary career/success and book coach, who has helped thousands world-wide to discover launch, and thrive in the life, calling and businesses of their dreams. She has taught A Course in Miracles for decades and it is the source of everything she does. Visit www.tamakieves and sign up for free digital fortune cookies to unlock your miracles. 

Weekly Live Interactive Broadcasts

Do you ever listen to a teacher (or read their book) and think "I wish I could just ask them a question?"

Well, now you can!

Every Friday at 10:30am Eastern, join our resident hosts and their guests for an hour LIVE. Interact with them as they offer teachings and suggest practices you can apply today!

Among our guests will be Presenters who will discuss their upcoming  Masterclasses. 

Who knows? Your question might shape the teachings that will be offered in The Presenter Series!

And if you can't make the LIVE shows, you can submit a question beforehand and then listen to the recording in a dedicated Member Area. 

TGF TV Hosts

Lisa Natoli: True Healing

First Friday

Join Lisa the first Friday of every month for insights and inspiration to connect, align and awaken to Self. Lisa and her guests cover topics on your natural ability to heal yourself and others, transformation and staying present in the moment as the Love You Are.

Lisa Natoli is a healer and a teacher of A Course in Miracles. She is dedicated to helping people change the picture they hold of themselves. She teaches and trains people how to heal through a shift in focus from body-identity to True Self Identity. She is the Creator of The 40-Day Program for Transformation and The Healing Cure.

Kelly Russell: Rock Your Joy

Second Friday

Are you rocking your joy? Or do you think someone or something in your life - or the lack of it - is joy-blocking you? The awesome truth is that no one and nothing is capable of doing that to us without our permission and participation. Kelly and guests explore the relationship between thoughts and happiness, and offer tools and practices to help you change your mind and ROCK YOUR JOY!

As a spiritual teacher, Rev. Kelly Russell employs her superpowers of relatability, humor, and no b.s. approach to clearly translate the ideas presented in A Course in Miracles. She empowers her audiences to understand and apply ACIM in their own lives, reaping the many benefits it offers. In an irreverently reverent, fun, and spiritually sassy style, Kelly brings her observations as a psychotherapist, coach, and spirit-having-a-human-adventure to the speaking platform. Kelly's coaching and teaching ministry is Rock Your Joy.

Bill Free: Non Duality/Meet the Presenter 

Third Friday

Join Bill Free on the 3rd Friday of the month as he and his guests present a non dual perspective of A Course in Miracles. Bill offers easy to understand ideas to anyone seeking a direct experience of Living in Awareness today. On alternate months, Bill's guests will also include Aaron Abke, Jonathan Robinson, Tama Kieves, Christina Courtney, Ellen Emmet and Mary Lenihan from The Presenter Series

Bill Free is Co-Founder of the Teachers of God Foundation. It is Bill’s desire to help ACIM students transcend the language of duality in the Course so that they can have a direct experience of knowing the Self. 

Susan Telford: Spiritual Evolution/Meet the Presenter 

Fourth Friday

Spiritual evolution is a pathless path, a journey without distance, back to the awareness of our true Self. Susan will discuss with her guests what the awakening process is for them. On alternate months, Susan's guests will be Oliver and Yaulanda Blue, Miranda Macpherson, Isira, Karen Drucker and Jennifer Hadley from The Presenter Series.

Susan Telford is the Evolve Community Manager and a coach in private practice. 

Cyndi Krupp: The Living in Oneness Experience 

5th Friday

Join Cyndi as she and students of Living in Oneness discuss how the merging of ACIM and Non-Duality results in more peace daily. Cyndi is fully committed to Awakening to her True Self and brings an open heart and a deep listening and joy to every encounter.

Cyndi Krupp is a Product Manager with the Teachers of God Foundation.

What's coming in June on TGF TV?

June 4th:
Lisa Natoli & Pema Deane

Walking In My Own Divinity - One Woman's Journey Into The Light

June 11th:
Kelly Russell & Carol Howe

We're On a Mission From God

June 18th:
Bill Free & Jeff Bailey

Mind and Body Healing

June 25th:
Susan Telford & Carrie Triffet

I am not Carrie: The Evolution from Self to self


Evolve Community

Choose a Presenter Series or All Access membership and become  part of a global community of people on a path of awakening. We meet on Zoom once a week to ask questions, share our insights and get support from fellow members and teachers.

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Bonuses with All Access Membership

ACIM Workbook Lessons in a Nondual Translation with Bill Free

Bill Free offers a paraphrased nondual interpretation of and commentary on ACIM workbook lessons, in audio and video formats.

Discover a pathway to attain a direct experience of what both ACIM and the direct path of nonduality share: to know God, know the Self and live in the world as the embodiment of Christ Consciousness.

This is your time for awakening to the awareness of your true nature.

“Don’t go back to sleep” -  Rumi

Evolve Book Group

Periodically, members of Evolve come together to study a spiritual text. So far, books studied have been The Nature of Consciousness by Rupert Spira and Choose Again by Diederik Wolsak.

All recordings are included in the member area.

The Vault

Explore our extensive archives of courses, videos, podcasts and guided meditations.

Want to know how to deal with anxiety or deepen your spiritual practice or learn how to live in abundance?

Find the perfect resource for you in our archives. Everything from courses on Dealing with Anxiety and Deepening your Spiritual Practice to podcasts on abundance, awareness, forgiveness......

You can also browse our collection of guided meditations.

Member Testimonials

Tatyana Vinnikova


If you are inspired to make a change in your life, so the same stories, upsets, physical and emotional pains that cause you to suffer will ease up their grip on you and release you into a very different happy life, I would advise you to join Evolve.
You will find a community of people on the same path, who will support you every day of your life.

Judy Lekisch


The time is now for true abundance: freedom, healing, love and inner peace.
Words alone don’t transform – we heal together in relationship.

Be the Evolution you want to see. It is within you.

Join Evolve.

Linda Yameen


Being part of Evolve is an incredible experience for me.

I have studied ACIM for decades, but now, I am truly living and understanding the core principles and applying them to my life.  It feels as if I am removing all the obstacles that mask the awareness of Love's presence.  Thank you to all the teachers and Presenters who are helping to guide me.

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