We are living in a time of accelerated spiritual evolution. 

We are beginning to wake up to the truth of who and what we are. 

We are feeling a desire to be a light in the world, to harness the power of love in our everyday lives. 

“Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.” Teilhard de Chardin


Join a global community for spiritual awakening designed specifically to help you grow, no matter what stage you're at in your spiritual evolution.

Do You?

✔ Feel like you are not making progress on your spiritual path?

✔ Feel alone and want to feel part of a community?

✔ Try to read and understand ACIM on your own but don't get very far?

✔ Know the spiritual principles but forget about them for hours and days at a time?

We have all felt this way before.

The truth is nothing changes from reading or watching videos.

You have done so much of that already and yet you are not living in a state of constant peace and happiness, because you often find yourself triggered or stuck in old fearful thought patterns.

In Evolve, you will learn how to access your own internal awareness to help you make the shift from fear to love.

You will discover that everything you have been seeking is already within you.

Imagine if you could…

✔ Forgive people who have really hurt you?

✔ Apply the concepts of ACIM in your everyday life?

✔ Be with like minded people who support you in your spiritual journey.



Listen as Bill and Lisa share their vision of creating a global community of Teachers of God.


What You Get When You Enroll


Depends on which membership level you choose:

1.  TGF TV (which replaces the Friday Group livestream)

2. The Presenter Series

3. Everything on this page!


No matter which membership level you choose, you will be invited to be part of the same global community of friends, supporters and teachers. 



All our members have access to our extensive archives of courses, videos, guided meditations and podcasts, available 24/7 to browse and enjoy at your leisure. 

What's Included with Evolve

The Presenter Series

Month long teachings and practices from world renowned ACIM teachers.

Learn from your favorite teachers, experiment with the practices provided every week, join with the community live every Saturday to discuss your experience and get support. In the last week of each month, receive an invitation to a live Q & A session with the current teacher so you can have any questions that have arisen during the month answered live!

Scroll down to see what is coming this month!



Get access to weekly live online events offering practical teachings from our panel of hosts and their guests – recorded and available on demand, with a live broadcast every Friday at 10.30am Eastern.

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Daily Lessons from ACIM CE Edition with Bill Free

Do you want to commit to doing the Workbook Lessons of ACIM this year? 

Want explore the Complete and Annotated Edition (affectionately known as ”the purple book”)?

Listen to 365 daily audio lessons narrated by Bill Free and deepen your experience with brand new weekly reflections on how to apply the lessons in your daily life.

Exploring Non-Duality

Are you curious about the Non-Dual Direct path and wonder how it fits with ACIM?

Through the medium of book studies and conversation, Bill Free and friends explore the teachings of Rupert Spira, Jean Klein and Francis Lucille. 


The Vault

Explore our extensive archives of courses, videos, podcasts and guided meditations.

Want to know how to deal with anxiety or deepen your spiritual practice or learn how to live in abundance?

Find the perfect resource for you in our archives. Everything from courses on Dealing with Anxiety and Deepening your Spiritual Practice to podcasts on abundance, awareness, forgiveness......

You can also browse our collection of guided meditations.

Evolve Community

Be part of a worldwide private community of people just like you, all working together to stop suffering needlessly and live connected, loving, conscious lives. A place to ask questions, share your insights, stay motivated and excited, feel connected and be lifted up and reminded who you are by people who are continuously raising the bar. A community of friends, supporters and teachers who will always remind you of the truth of who and what you are.



"I am grateful for the teachings which began my journey with mind-training. What I didn't realize was that we all are teachers of God, just as the TGF promotes. It is from this community that I have emerged and remember the truth of who I am. The lessons, guidance, Facebook group, Gatherings, all enabled me to see the light, the love, the community. I am grateful, am so blessed and urge all to listen to their inner guidance and say "yes" if and when something speaks to you. Resistance is ego, you will learn to know the gentle and loving voice that is your own inner wisdom, guiding you to share in the truth of our oneness and love."

Audrey Whitehead
Community Member

What's Coming on TGF TV


No matter what obstacles you face, you have the power and ability to change your viewpoint, your mind, your thoughts, your emotions ... and therefore your life. Lisa and her guests cover topics on healing, transformation, sickness and health. 

Lisa Natoli is a healer and a teacher of A Course in Miracles. She is dedicated to helping people change the picture they hold of themselves. She teaches and trains people how to heal through a shift in focus from body-identity to True Self Identity. She is the Creator of The 40-Day Program for Transformation and The Healing Cure.


Kelly and bros explore the power of FORGIVENESS to dissolve any problem you think you have.

Whether you struggle with not getting what you want in your relationships with others, yourself, or God – and all issues have their roots in one of these three areas because they are all interrelated –  learn how shifting your perception from fear to love through forgiveness completely changes your experience.

Rev. Kelly Russell is an irreverently reverent transformational coach, teacher of A Course in Miracles, and licensed psychotherapist. Her coaching and teaching business is Rock Your Joy. 


These two most powerful spiritual paths gifted to us today have been described as the restatement of the core wisdom found in every world religion. There is a reason why so many students of ACIM are also involved in Twelve Step programs.

The answer is simple - both take you home to the truth of who you are...LOVE.

Together they are like a pair of hands - one the left and one the right - joined they open your window of Divine Presence.

With 35 years of sobriety and a career as a Therapist and Life Coach, Irene Tomkinson will guide you with her Practical Wisdom approach to unlock all the many ways you block yourself from the truth of who you are.



Join Bill and Jenny to learn how A Course in Miracles and the Non-dual Direct Path are a complete teaching and understanding for one to attain self-realization.

The teachings and pointings are simple – forgiveness in the Course is the same as Awareness, prayer can be considered as quiet Awareness, listening to inner guidance with our deepest love and understanding, the same as the Holy Spirit.

Discover how you don't need to do anything, change anything, practice anything, or purify the mind to understand this - all that's needed is clear seeing. It's very simple and obvious. So obvious in fact, that's it's usually overlooked. 

Bill and Jenny will help you realize in your own direct experience that you are the Christ, as the Course puts it, what the Direct Path describes as “the Beingness of what God is”, “Pure Presence” and “Awareness itself”.

 Bill Free is Co-Founder of the Teachers of God Foundation. It is Bill’s desire to help ACIM students transcend the language of duality in the Course so that they can have a direct experience of knowing the Self. 

Jenny Beal is a student of Non-Duality teacher Rupert Spira. Rupert showed her the way to experience the permanent, imperturbable peace of her true nature. No words could even begin to express the gratitude she feels to Rupert for his loving guidance.


"Something very profound occurred this morning in Bill and Jenny's episode of TGF TV. I had asked in prayer for clarity before the show. What I was given & accepted whole-heartedly was a direct experience of the Divine I am, we are One with. Jenny read such a beautiful description of our OneSelf...the Love that moved through me expressed as tears. The clarity of this experience still astounds me. To recognize connection with Source, live it, be it & share it is my purpose here. It feels as though my learning "advanced" & the light of understanding was remembered & known."

Laura Littleton
Community Member


You already know it is time to focus on your spiritual evolution.

✔ You have completed ACIM or you are in the process of completing it.

✔ You know the value of community and see the value of consistent motivation, inspiration, and encouragement.

✔ You have spent years falling off track, but you are now at a point where you are done with doubt and vacillation.

✔ You just want to be a light in the world.

✔ You want to move from being a student to taking your place as a Teacher of God.


Choose Your Membership Level


If you want a new experience of the Friday Group as well as access to our archives and the support of a global community.

The Presenter Series

If you enjoy learning from a variety of ACIM teachers with new content every single week.

Of course you get access to the archives and the community too.

All Access

This is for you if you don't want to miss a thing.

Enjoy everything Evolve has to offer and unlock special member discounts for other TGF courses and events.









Evolve is a global community of people who will welcome you

✔ You will be free to ask questions without worrying about being judged

✔ You will feel excited and strong because you are doing something great for yourself.

Make EVOLVE your spiritual home online


"Minds are joined. Hand in hand we walk together. Each day, each shift from fear to love, each time we bring the darkness to the light to be forgiven, we approach our moment of awakening. Jesus asks our help. He asks us to be His voice, His eyes, His messenger, His helper. How do we learn to do this? We learn to do this together. What does it mean to Evolve? It means to change and to gradually develop. What does this change mean in A Course in Miracles? It means to be free of our self-made burdens of guilt and fear and to evolve into the peaceful, loving being that we are in Truth. Our involvement with each other – through support and loving understanding – aids us in our journey from nowhere to everywhere. We learn to be a Teacher of God. This community offers us opportunities to teach and to learn and to share the light that we truly are. We bless each other by being Present. Join us."

Myra Fidelman
Community Member

Frequently Asked Questions

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