A Direct Experience

Check out this 90-minute webinar with Bill Free & Lisa Natoli to find out more about the Living in Oneness Experience...

Hear from participants of the 12-week Living in Oneness Experience about what life has been like since saying yes to this Life Transforming program. Find out why people are coming back again and again… (hint: joy is contagious). 

A Sampling of Living in Oneness Concepts

Ladder of Awakening

The Body Is an Image in the Mind

Awakening to the Self
and our natural state of Inner Peace,
Joy & Happiness...

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"Bill… this was a lightbulb session for me. I had been trying too hard and not recognizing what was there!!! Thank-you!!! So beautifully simple… bless, bless, bless."


"I love your enthusiasm! It’s infectious and it’s how the message of love is spread with joy "


"I am very grateful for Bill in the morning. I listen to him every morning and it really brings me back to my center."


"Lisa Natoli is a straight-talking teacher of God who cares more about LOVE's eternal presence than anything in the material world. She walks her talk, and sees the Holiness in people, which is an amazing gift. She's full of life, full of fun, and full of truth. Being with her is an opportunity to remember your true self. She is the light of the world!"


"Lisa Natoli is authentically present to the truth of A Course in Miracles. Whenever I need a real reflection of what that looks like in the world, I turn to Lisa, and it's always a party! Kathy Winslow. Lisa is a teacher 100% committed to A Course in Miracles. She is devoted to the power of Love doing the healing and demonstrating the power of Love by encouraging her students to trust their inner power. I appreciate her being authentic and honest that it is not her with the answers but Spirit. She doesn't encourage perfectionism but relaxing and trusting we are okay where we are in the moment. That takes pressure off of the student."


"Lisa Natoli is authentically present to the truth of A Course in Miracles. Whenever I need a real reflection of what that looks like in the world, I turn to Lisa, and it's always a party!"


"I loved the teachings and also the question and answer call. Lisa and Bill are fantastic teachers."

"The main thing that I've come away with: a heart full of love and gratitude for all of the things that I can't find words for. Thank you, everyone involved in the offering of this program and all who participated!!!! "

"This was the best experience of my Life! I have never been so happy and at peace and joy!!! ... I didn't know there is so much Love and Joy and support!! I didn't know we all can be this Love and Joy and share it with others!! I have been in pain from all my physical injuries, but even with that, I am so so so happy!!! It is amazing!! I have never felt this way!!! I also feel so much Love from God and all my brothers and sisters — everyone!! I didn't know there is just Love!! "

"I feel that I have jumped across a huge 'loop' in my Path and taken a shortcut to its end goal... oneness with God."

"It’s been an amazing experience realizing that I am the love and light of Christ! It’s unlike anything I can describe! "

"The most amazing and life changing experience of my entire life."

"What an awesome 12 weeks, I am so grateful and so honoured to be part of this beautiful community. My life has totally changed for the better, I am more present and much calmer. Thank you all so much, Lisa, Bill, Cyndi, Susan, Lori and you all. Your work is simply beyond words, thank you."

"It was a beautiful direct experience! One that was expedited through this magnificent course! "

"This program has been AMAZING!!! I love the many tools you have presented to access awareness I use them often and will continue to use them."

"Profound, life-changing, unconditionally loving, mind-blowing! The experience of Love's Presence all around me every moment of the day - there aren't words to explain it, only unending gratitude for Lisa and Bill and Cyndi and everyone showing up, staying in the Oneness and holding my hand while I gently melted into it all."


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