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An Advanced Course in Unlimited Abundance

Abundance is your spiritual birthright.

You don’t have to prove that you’re worthy or earn it. The truth is that God has already given you everything and you see it when you believe it. If you are not experiencing abundance it’s because you’re blocking it with your hidden unconscious beliefs, thoughts and actions. Your life is a reflection of your state of mind. Period. This is where the work is. This is an advanced course in Abundance.

This advanced 7-week course will challenge you like no other course has before. Over the next 7 weeks you will learn a new way of living and seeing that is available to those who know the laws of Abundance and circulation and follow the flow of true and infinite Abundance. You must be prepared to apply the techniques and practices offered in this course to effectively change your state of consciousness. Success comes from you before it comes to you.

This program is about giving.

You will always be giving to yourself, to God and to others (tithing). This is the Law of Circulation. You will learn that giving and receiving are the same. You cannot have one without the other.

You are a child of God (which means you have God qualities and essence as a living expression of His Presence) if you’ve been experiencing lack and struggle, you have not been accessing what you are. 

What's included:

  • MODULE 1: Seek Ye First the Kingdom of Heaven & All Else Will Be Added Unto You.
  • MODULE 2: Trust
  • MODULE 3: Self-Discovery
  • MODULE 4: Forgiveness
  • MODULE 5: Asking & Listening
  • MODULE 6: Gratitude
  • MODULE 7: Living in Purpose

*Please note: This is a tithing course. Please do not register for the course if you are not willing to tithe for 7 weeks. For more information about why tithing is required, click here.