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What's Coming on TGF TV

Lisa Natoli

First Friday of every month


No matter what obstacles you face, you have the power and ability to change your viewpoint, your mind, your thoughts, your emotions ... and therefore your life. Lisa and her guests cover topics on healing, transformation, sickness and health. 

Lisa Natoli is a healer and a teacher of A Course in Miracles. She is dedicated to helping people change the picture they hold of themselves. She teaches and trains people how to heal through a shift in focus from body-identity to True Self Identity. She is the Creator of The 40-Day Program for Transformation and The Healing Cure.

Kelly Russell

Second Friday of every month


Kelly and bros explore the power of FORGIVENESS to dissolve any problem you think you have.

Whether you struggle with not getting what you want in your relationships with others, yourself, or God – and all issues have their roots in one of these three areas because they are all interrelated –  learn how shifting your perception from fear to love through forgiveness completely changes your experience.

Rev. Kelly Russell is an irreverently reverent transformational coach, teacher of A Course in Miracles, and licensed psychotherapist. Her coaching and teaching business is Rock Your Joy. 

Irene Tomkinson

Third Friday of every month


These two most powerful spiritual paths gifted to us today have been described as the restatement of the core wisdom found in every world religion. There is a reason why so many students of ACIM are also involved in Twelve Step programs.

The answer is simple - both take you home to the truth of who you are...LOVE.

Together they are like a pair of hands - one the left and one the right - joined they open your window of Divine Presence.

With 35 years of sobriety and a career as a Therapist and Life Coach, Irene Tomkinson will guide you with her Practical Wisdom approach to unlock all the many ways you block yourself from the truth of who you are.


Bill Free with Guest Co-Host Jenny Beal

Fourth Friday of every month


Join Bill and Jenny to learn how A Course in Miracles and the Non-dual Direct Path are a complete teaching and understanding for one to attain self-realization.

The teachings and pointings are simple – forgiveness in the Course is the same as Awareness, prayer can be considered as quiet Awareness, listening to inner guidance with our deepest love and understanding, the same as the Holy Spirit.

Discover how you don't need to do anything, change anything, practice anything, or purify the mind to understand this - all that's needed is clear seeing. It's very simple and obvious. So obvious in fact, that's it's usually overlooked. 

Bill and Jenny will help you realize in your own direct experience that you are the Christ, as the Course puts it, what the Direct Path describes as “the Beingness of what God is”, “Pure Presence” and “Awareness itself”.

 Bill Free is Co-Founder of the Teachers of God Foundation. It is Bill’s desire to help ACIM students transcend the language of duality in the Course so that they can have a direct experience of knowing the Self. 

Jenny Beal is a student of Non-Duality teacher Rupert Spira. Rupert showed her the way to experience the permanent, imperturbable peace of her true nature. No words could even begin to express the gratitude she feels to Rupert for his loving guidance.


Some Snippets from TGF TV

Lisa Natoli with guest Pam Grout

Healing with Heart & Brain Coherence

Kelly Russell with guest Freedom Cartwright

Free at Last - Losing Our Fear of Death & Gaining Resurrection

Irene Tomkinson with guest Karen Fitzgerald

ACIM and the 12 Steps:
Step 4 - Journaling is the Inner Selfie!

Bill Free with Co-Host Jenny Beal

ACIM and Non-Duality: There is only One Being

Susan Telford with guest Miranda Macpherson

 Spiritual Evolution



"Something very profound occurred this morning in Bill and Jenny's episode of TGF TV. I had asked in prayer for clarity before the show. What I was given & accepted whole-heartedly was a direct experience of the Divine I am, we are One with. Jenny read such a beautiful description of our OneSelf...the Love that moved through me expressed as tears. The clarity of this experience still astounds me. To recognize connection with Source, live it, be it & share it is my purpose here. It feels as though my learning "advanced" & the light of understanding was remembered & known."

Laura Littleton
Community Member

What's coming in September?

4th: Lisa Natoli with Oliver & Yaulanda Blue- True Healing: The Creation of the Happy Dream

11th: Kelly Russell

18th: Irene Tomkinson and Maureen Yarbrough

25th: Bill Free and Jenny Beal - ACIM and Non-Duality


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"TGF TV has been such a great addition to Teachers of God. Each week has a guest join in that brings their own unique perspective to the topic for that episode. I love that it is interactive and they’ll answer questions that I have. I have learned from and enjoyed every episode to date. Thank you TGF for offering even more quality teaching to your students."

Missy Hicks
Community Member

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